Atoms Is Rapidly Becoming An Extension Of Bits

I don’t think people around me see what I see. I feel isolated, somewhat. Here’s what I notice: People around me see the internet as an extension of offline—it’s a tool for them to connect with people they already know. But to me, the internet is an online-first world. The true magic of the internet is the ability to connect with anyone on the planet. I can talk with anyone on the planet, collaborate with anyone on the planet, deliver goods and service to anyone on the planet, and collect money from anywhere on the planet. This is a big deal. From the numerous interactions I’ve had with people around me, I don’t think they see this, and since they don’t, they prioritize the local, offline world. I have nothing against that (food grows on soil, which exists in the offline world), but there is a misaligned worldview between me and them, which leads to big question marks on their mind, which often leads to conflict.

I know they have good intentions, but I have to do it my way. I’m sorry.

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