Cows, cows, cows. Your parents own some, so do your aunt and uncle; your cousins milk cows, and so do you. Your mom often tells you that you should own as many cows as you can, and she always compares you with Teggie, your cousin who owns 13 cows. Your neighbors talk about cows, their children talk about cows, everyone’s obsessed with cows!

Everyone you know spends their entire life doing cow-stuff in this small cow-filled island, and you can’t swallow the pill that you’ll have to do this your entire life. You often wonder what’s there, beyond the horizon. “Is there something out there? Anything?” you asked your parents. They retorted with, “Just focus on your cows; there’s nothing out there.” When you asked your friends and cousins the same question, they gave you the same answer.

Are these cow-people fools, or are you the crazy one? You don’t know, and neither do they.