Creative Juice At Dawn

Those 4AM writing sessions were magical, y’know? Before those happened, I was always two inches from my dreams, head on my pillow. Then the mind unexpectedly went, “Bro, bro, I got this good idea. Wake up now, bro. Now. Now! You won’t regret writing this down!” Listening to my mind’s suggestion, I opened my super-bright laptop, letting it burn my eyes, allowing the words to gush out on its own.

And those were damn good work.

Compared to the works that were produced early in the morning, those late-night works were super-packed with emotions. Writing those felt like squeezing every drip of blood of my heart—it felt fiery; there was something primal about it. Once finished, I hit the pillow once again, exhausted, with a smile on my face.

(Until this day, I still have no clue where those creative bursts came from.)