What Are You Reading?

Reading can be turned into a signaling game. “What’s your favorite book?” “What are you reading?” “What’s your book recommendation?” I used to brag my “intelligence” by reading a ton of books and talking about it—it was a like a full-time hobby. It felt good. But that game is nonsense because most books are junk. Business books are mostly padded noise with a nice cover; spiritual books are mostly kumbaya with yoga pants. Skimming through junk is necessary to find the gems, but what’s the point of reading junk? Junk belongs to the bonfire.

Books worth reading are the ones that get deeper the more it’s read. It contains truth. Truth is timeless, and such books can stand the test of time. Some of them package truth in a raw fashion, some fictionalize it, but they speak truth nonetheless.

Now, with all that said, here are my favorite timeless books that I reread all the time. Please click the affiliate link below to show your support.

Just kidding.