Deep And Narrow, Not Wide And Shallow

I don’t think my work is for everyone, and that’s fine. In fact, if nobody sees my work as weird, it’s a red flag.

Most writings, podcasts, videos found out there tries to appeal to everyone, and they bore me to tears; on the internet, everyone tries to copy everyone, and the result is a soup filled with common things, packaged in a common way. Memorable, interesting, captivating people create unique, valuable things, and their work is a stark contrast against the common stuff out there—like a yellow ball in a sea of red balls.

Success, for me, isn’t having made everyone happy—that’s a popularity contest. If my work touched your heart, if my lame jokes made your day, if my stories made your imagination spins, if you’re so moved by my work that you shared it with your inner circle, my writings have succeeded.

Thank you for reading.