An Abandoned Apartment

Spiral stairs, undecorated / cement walls, unpainted

Vacant rooms, without windows / lonely balconies, no people

Green fields, many plants / white clouds, different shapes

Chirping birds, three of them / talking humans, there are none

As I write these, I’m inside an abandoned apartment. I’m overwhelmed by a feeling of awe, and no amount of words—or even pictures—can capture this feeling. The gentle breeze has been caressing my face since I arrived here. The sun is setting down: it’s hiding behind a thick cloud, and I can see few rays passing through. This cement ground I’m sitting on is quite warm. I was lying on it few minutes ago, and I could see the open sky with clouds gliding peacefully. There are four dried rain puddles, and their color is a mixture of green and brown—perhaps they were puddles of dirt and moss.

There’s no one here; I can hear birds chirping.

A physical sanctuary beyond compare.