Teenage Years Frivolously Spent

Ah, video games. I remember those days: young and dumb, I squandered a massive chunk of my teenage years in it. I played this game, then that game, then that other game the cool guys were playing—the cycle went on and on. When I dressed up my character with expensive apparels, I felt good; when I clicked circles without missing a beat, I felt good; when I slayed a big dragon with my might sword, I felt good; when I beat my friends and won against them, I felt really, really good.

I spent, literally, more than ten-thousand hours on those things. Badges, ranks, numbers, weapons, levels, wins; what was all that for? It’s one thing if those obsession led me to world-class-ness, but I sucked at everything!

It was frivolity at its finest.

Sometimes I wonder how high my talents would’ve soared had I spent those time pursuing my talents instead.